What worries me about this election’s results is that so many people have essentially voted to validate the unethical and disgusting politics espoused by the government. Which in turn makes me wonder if things will get worse now that it appears they have gotten away with it with no…

Oh no.


#imnotmad #justdisappointed
#nowait #imactuallymad

(For those who aren’t in NZ, we just had our election and the results are abysmal)


like…another three years of an awful awful party whose sole record of goodness is allowing gay marriage out of the goodness of their stone cold hearts only because the general public’s minimal grasp on lgbt issues worked in their favour
another three years of basically calling the maori people…


and this time it looks like the national party will have an absolute rule
meaning they can basically do whatever they want and say fuck off to anyone who isn’t a rich old white man with a business degree


cher beyonce god jesus Use your combined might to burn New Zealand to ashes

send it to the ocean

bring down the asteroids on it

wipe it from earth


Really disappointed in New Zealand for voting National in. Again. Here’s to another three years full of lies, secrecy and corruption. Where if you’re rich you can dance for joy because trust you’ll only get richer and pay less taxes. And if you’re middle class it’s all good right? Nothing’s gone…

RIP New Zealand



having just been diagnosed with a metal disorder that has a 48% suicide rate before the age of 30 if left untreated, I cant really say i’m that excited about new zealand re-electing a national government. hope ya’ll are  happy now they reducing my funding to the point where im unable to afford meds or therapy, let alone the cost of living. good job new zealand ya fucked this one up big time 


It’s election day, and the results have come in.

Basically, we’re now stuck with an elitist, unfair government, and a twatty idiot for Prime Minister, for another next three years.


What the fuck are you doing NZ